Community First in the Bull Ring »

Community First in the Bull Ring

Community and resident groups come together on Tuesday 18th October, 6pm at St Martin’s in the Bull Ring Tea Lounge to look at the new Community First fund and take a progress report on the city’s Transforming Local Infrastructure proposal. Community First More than £2m will be available through the Community First Neighbourhood Matched Fund […]

Not Like Everybody Else! »

Not Like Everybody Else!

Chamberlain Forum is a community forum that grew into a think-and-do tank.  We help public services and communities work together for better places to live. The Forum is served by Chamberlain Forum Limited which is a non-profit company which: Provides practical support to community and voluntary groups – for example we help groups develop strategic […]

Local Hearts Give City A Good Name »

Local Hearts Give City A Good Name

Friday 22 October 2010 – the Banquesting Suite, Birmingham Council House, Victoria Square, Birmingham – England: More than 120 citizens, councillors and council staff gathered in the grand Banqueting Suite at the City’s Council House to honour people who give the city a good name.

Social Innovation with Geoff Mulgan »

Social Innovation with Geoff Mulgan

Geoff Mulgan’s Chamberlain Lecture on 19 October 2010 took place at St Martin’s in the Bull Ring, in Birmingham’s historic heart where the church has stood since the 13th century amidst the clatter of the Bull Ring market. (The market, significantly perhaps, pre-dates the church by about 100 years.) About 70 people joined the meeting and many took part in discussion either as part of the ‘round table’ event that preceded the lecture or the longer period of open debate that followed it.

Residents Link to Learn in Newtown »

Residents Link to Learn in Newtown

About 70 Birmingham Residents joined Resident University over the two days it spent at St George’s Community Hub in inner city Newtown. They included young people taking part in the Young Resident University who learned about using social media and film-making in carrying out research with the University.

It’s About Respect… »

It’s About Respect…

Saaed ul-Haque of Lozells Neighbourhood Forum in inner city Birmingham explains why and how public services need to listen to residents. It’s about respect… it’s also about public services doing an effective job. We interviewed Saeed as part of the work setting up Life in Lozells – a community website that aims to help local people tell ‘true stories’ from the neighbourhood.

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