Why Faith Matters… (and leadership is about more than leaders) »

Why Faith Matters… (and leadership is about more than leaders)

Christians, Sikhs, Muslims, Jews and Buddhists are amongst the most community-minded people I know.  All religions have their Pharisees too:  the people who put the letter of their law above its spirit.  But faith groups often share a generosity of approach; an understanding that there is more to us, together, than is the sum of us […]

Who’s in the Council Chamber? »

Who’s in the Council Chamber?

A diverse group of 120 people will gather on Tuesday 22 May for the Annual General Meeting of Birmingham City Council. For some it will be their first time, but for others it will be a ritual with which they are very familiar. Looking around that group, gathered in the Council Chamber, it would tempting to wonder how representative they are? ‘Representative’, of course, can mean all sorts of things. In one sense, councillors represent us regardless of age, gender, class or politics. It is hard to judge how as individuals they competently discharge that trust. But, what about the very crude notion of proportionality? That is the idea that when you look at the 120 faces in the Council Chamber you should see something like a fair and recognisable reflection of the adult population of the city they represent. I’ve taken a sneak preview of May 22 and here are some of the observations that might be made.

Co-producing Handsworth »

Co-producing Handsworth

Itabarica Napthali of the Haile Selassie I Peace Foundation talks about the services his group provides to the community and the faith that underpins them. Understanding the culture of different communities that share neighbourhoods like Handsworth in Birmingham is the key to serving those neighbourhoods effectively.

Do We Need ‘Gangbos’ or Morals (and People Who Aren’t Afraid to Use Them)? »

Do We Need ‘Gangbos’ or Morals (and People Who Aren’t Afraid to Use Them)?

The Crime & Security Bill could be the 36th piece of criminal justice law passed in the UK since 1997 . Included in the Bill are yet more measures aimed at controlling the behaviour of young people. In particular what the press have dubbed ‘gangbos’: civil injunctions that will dictate what colour clothes young people […]

Why ‘Europe is Dying’ »

Why ‘Europe is Dying’

It is an ‘unsayable truth’ , but Europe is dying claims Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks. Speaking yesterday at the Theos thinktank in London he warned that the growth of secularism had made people too selfish to have children. The loss of tolerant religious culture leaves us also open to the advance of fundamentalism, he argued.

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