A case for Local Political Unions? »

A case for Local Political Unions?

Today the votes are being counted for the by-election of a Police Commissioner for the West Midlands.  The indications are that only about 1 in ten people cast the vote to which they were entitled.  It is an extreme case – a by-election for a job the previous incumbent, Bob Jones – whose tragic death […]

Story of a Strategy »

Story of a Strategy

The story of a city’s approach to making better places to live and a resource for citizens – that’s the aim of the Transforming Place website published this week by Chamberlain Forum. It takes its name from the neighbourhood strategy produced by Birmingham City Council earlier this year and provides summaries and access to original documents related to it. Transforming Place also traces some the story of how the strategy came about and the context to it: past approaches to neighbourhood improvement in Birmingham.

Ward Committees – Fit For Purpose? »

Ward Committees – Fit For Purpose?

In cities like Birmingham, Bristol, Leicester and Newcastle; and in many London boroughs, ward or neighbourhood committees are now an established feature in local government.  Typically made up by councillors elected to represent the ward, they play a part in devolved decision-making and act as a forum for citizens and elected members in places where […]

Social Innovation Zones »

Social Innovation Zones

Social Innovation Zones are on the menu for discussion at the next Chamberlain Forum conversation at Change Kitchen, the Bordesley Centre, Stratford Road, Camp Hill, Birmingham B11 1AR on Monday 14 July 5-7pm Social Innovation Zones are an idea put forward by Chamberlain Forum to: enable social innovation and public service reform in neighbourhoods focus, […]

Rents and Renewing Social Housing »

Rents and Renewing Social Housing

During the last couple of weeks, I have been at a number of meetings speaking – and listening – to council tenant representatives, housing service staff and councillors in different parts of Birmingham about forming Tenant Panels and coregulation of social housing in the light of the devolution of the bulk of responsibility for housing […]

Euro Election Results 2014 »

Euro Election Results 2014

UKIP and Labour both improved their share of the vote in the West Midlands European Election 2014 with UKIP taking 3 of the region’s 7 seats; Labour 2; and the Conservatives 2.  Elsewhere and across the country, UKIP took 24 seats including a seat in Scotland and 1 in Wales; Labour took 20 seats; the […]

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