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«Conversation: Cutting Red Tape – 17 April 2014»

Conversation: Cutting Red Tape – 17 April 2014

One thing that makes a lot people think of the Council – is also the thing that irritates them most: ‘red tape’.  It’s the all-purpose phrase we use to sum up how public authorities seem repeatedly to snatch unimaginative and oppressive defeat from the jaws of common sense victory.  It’s why it costs the Council...

March 12 2014 / 1 comment / Read More »

Community Assets Conversation – Fireside, Birmingham 13 March 2014

What are community assets; are communities assets in themselves?  What difference does owning land and buildings in common make,...

March 12 2014 / No comment / Read More »

What Could We Do With Timebanking?

Timebanking – a system for trading skills so that people and organisations can get what they need even if...

February 11 2014 / No comment / Read More »

#SU4Brum Conversations

#SU4Brum Conversations is a series of meetings facilitated by Chamberlain Forum aiming to feed good ideas, social innovation and...

February 6 2014 / 1 comment / Read More »


Join the Conversation – on Cutting Red Tape

Standing Up for Birmingham Conversation on Cutting ‘Red Tape’ at The Fireside Centre on Pershore St – opposite the gates to the City Wholesale Market, 5.30-7pm on Thursday 17 April   Hi, We’ll...

Apr 16, 2014 / More » Join the Conversation – on Cutting Red Tape


Social Innovation: Markets, Love and Getting Better at it…

Last summer, I spent time asking various groups of people where they (or anyone) should go if they have a good idea for improving the way public services work.  The answer was that...

Apr 15, 2014 / More » Social Innovation: Markets, Love and Getting Better at it…


Talking City Time Economy

Behind the brash front of material progress, an economy measured in hours – not pounds – goes largely unremarked.  But this economy – the time economy -  is what makes cities and regions...

Apr 14, 2014 / More » Talking City Time Economy


Community Assets Conversation

How can a local authority – facing spending cuts and no longer able to do anything beyond the statutory minimum – encourage better use of community assets to deliver services?  What, in fact,...

Apr 4, 2014 / More » Community Assets Conversation
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